support of fast user switching in xp

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I use the Comodo suite of tools on all my client pc’s. only one of those clients uses the fast user switching option under XP home. whenever they try that, the second user does get logged on, but an error comes up stating that CAV does not support the switch user option, or something like that.

it seems odd that such a robust tool would not support that.

could it be that i am missing something in the configuration?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

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CAVS does not support fast user switching, yet. The error means that he will not see the guide and the popups but CAVS is running in the background, and he/she is protected, but cannot interfear with CAVS.

Hi mikecpchelp, I had to delete your other thread since it was a duplicate. Please don’t post the same question on different boards. Thanks.

thanks for the info, and sorry about the duplicate post. i thought i had deleted it before i reposted.

i will relay the info along.

thanks again