Support for Windows 2000 users

Seems like Comodo is abandoning us long time Windows 2000 users. I have been using and recommending Comodo products for years.

Don’t tell me it’s time to upgrade. This is not an acceptable answer. Some of us have older computers that still get the job done, but it is not practical to upgrade them.

What about us? You are already dumping CAV 2.0. You leave us with no alternative but to find someone else.;msg216318#msg216318


So you are saying that Comodo no longer wants anything to do with it’s long time supporters.

Perhaps you should pm Melih with your question ? He’s the only one that can answer I’m afraid


Well, 2 computers no longer protected by Comodo after today. :cry: Have a CA antivirus/firewall on order–license covers 5-so may switch the XP’s over also. Maybe that firewall will believe me that Fire Fox browser is trusted.