Support for TrustFax

I am trying to use trustfax and everytime I try to send it says “You have posted to this page from an unknown source. Please send faxes using the appropriate website pages.
If you wish to use our broadcast fax services, please click here.”

Does anybody know what this means? Am I doing something wrong. I’ve been trying to reach Comodo for 2 days with no luck. Thanks for any help.

Sounds like you are using Mozilla Firefox and you have turned off Sending Referrers in your browser. Sending Referrer is a valuable service in your browser that is required for your trustfax account. It offers protection against fraud and restricts a trustfax accounts from running scripts. Sending Referrers in your browser must be enabled or you will get an error as you described.
To enable refererrs in Firefox:
1- Type about:config in the URL address bar
2 - Scroll down until you find the setting called “Search for network.http.sendRefererHeader”
3 - The setting should be set at 2
4 - If it is set to 0 (disabled), right click it, select Modify and enter 2 as the value
5 - close the browser and open it and to send the fax again

If you are using Internet Explorer 6:
Frrom the browser menu
1 - Click Tools > Internet Options
2 - Click Security
3 - Click Trusted Sites then Sites
4 - Add your website address in the box provided and click Add
5 - Uncheck the box that requires https verification
6 - Click the Privacy tab (Medium is an acceptable setting on the slider, but click Sites and again enter your website address)
7 - Now click Allow
8 - Click Apply


UPDATE: Trustfax has modified the site to not require sending referrers. This allows customers who have disabled sending referrers for whatever reason in Firefox to use trustfax without issues and trustfax is still able to offer the security and fraud protection within the site at the same level.