Support for CIS version 8.4

Can anyone let me know when support/updates for v8.4 will end? Thanks.

You probably have a while, I’m still using v7.0 and it’s working fine (better than the new v10, heh, heh). As long as the database remains the same, you should be good. I think v10 is still using the same database format, so updates should be no problem for a good while. Version 5 is still being supported, so I’m happy with v7.0 since v10 is still in beta testing…

Thanks Grizzly, that is assuring. Gonna keep using 8.4.5165 until death since I have no plans to use MS 10 Creators.


Please note updates will be restricted to only antivirus updates only, all program updates have finished.

Yes, I am also running CIS 7 on a Vista Desktop which receives all antivirus updates without problems.


Thanks for the clarification.