Support for 9x users

Whether you decide to support 9x or not I have several trusted friends that think highly of your firewall, I submit this in hopes that I can at least get you to consider support for 9X. This is not a promo for anything but 9x support.
This link will lead you to a single short page that says it all: Windows 98 + ME •still• alive Campaign = Spread the word
Please consider support for all the myriad 9x users still left in the world.
Thank you for your time
aka: randiroo76073


I wish we had the resources to do that!
Today we simply don’t have the resources :frowning:
but you never know what happens in future…
We are aware of the demand and we wish to provide it… but…


Thank you for the reply & consideration Melih, will keep a hopful eye on Comodo :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

I would like this too.

At present I use Kerio 2.1.5 (with remote administration disabled), but I would like a more modern, resource efficient, ME compatible firewall and I’ve read nothing but good things about Comodo (on XP/2K).

I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for it too (money order, I don’t have a credit card). I realize Comodo is free at present, just thought I’d mention it (I’m very far from rich, but good software is worth paying or donating for, in my opinion).

I use NOD32 and BOClean as part of my layered defense at present.


Would be great if Comodo could support the 9X/ME systems since Microsoft doesn’t 8)


I would be interested in finding out why you use both nod32 and boclean at the same time pls.



They’re quite compatible and work in differing ways. No antivirus product provides 100% protection 100% of the time even though NOD32 is an excellent product. BOClean is directed at trojans and trojan-like activity, whereas antivirus products mainly target and scan for viruses.

I’ve used BOClean for several years alongside several different antivirus products. You only have to pay for BOClean once and the support is unbeatable, any problems and you have one of the best security people in the world’s ear just by sending an email.

I exclude BOClean from AMON (NOD32’s file system monitor) and NOD32’s executables from BOClean in BOClean’s program excluder.

thanks for the response Elwood. What do you think about boclean as a product?

I think it’s a fine product, but I must admit that it’s never had to stop anything on my system.

I’m a Gecko browser guy.

I think I’ve changed my opinion about NOD32 and its’ compatibility with Windows ME.

I have been having a very strange freezing problem that I thought might be a hardware problem that I was going to have to isolate and fix, but since uninstalling NOD32 and installing AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic (which I have used with satisfaction in the past), the freezing problem seems to have vanished. Although I probably should adopt more of a wait and see attitude, I can’t get my system to freeze by using methods that would reliably reproduce the problem.

If anyone wants to read of my saga, here is a thread at another forum:


More than 17 hours straight, surfing and performing other tasks so far today without problems while using AntiVir. I think I may have found the culprit.

Hmm, well I had another freeze last night, so I guess I was blaming NOD32 wrongly.

I read something about old mouse drivers causing freezes sometimes, so I downloaded and installed Microsoft Intellipoint Software 4.2 (latest for ME) as according to what I read, even if you don’t have a MS mouse, this software updates the mouse driver and supposedly fixes freezes similar to what I’ve been experiencing.

Hoping for the best, but it may just be my old pc going south. See y’all on the flip-side.


Had another freeze, so tried running memtest86+, hung 89% through the sixth pass, no errors to that point. Since I wasn’t in Windows, I figure it has to be a hardware problem.

Decided to reflash my BIOS with the same version I already had (no newer available). Went smooth. Hoping for the best again, probably remove one stick of RAM at a time and test if I get another freeze, can’t hurt to try it at this point.

As a hopefully final update, I think I finally discovered the source of my freezing problem. It took restoring an image from a time before the final updates Microsoft issued for ME when they ended “support”.

First I restored the image, then installed the final critical updates and still had the freezing problem, then I restored the image again and didn’t install those final updates and guess what, it will soon be three days since my last freeze.

I’m not sure, but I think the one that causes this problem on my system is the KB918547 update for the graphics engine. It added a startup and running process labeled KB918547.EXE that seems to be the likely source of my freezing problems.

Why this would affect even DOS apps like Memtest86+, I don’t know, but I do know that my system seems to be much more stable without the KB918547.

I run Gecko based browsers anyway and along with NOD32 and BOClean, I feel pretty safe without that particular update. IE was only used for Windows Update and to download the occasional file that required Windows validation from MS on my system anyway.

I’ll probably make a more current image back up and may possibly install those final updates again, one at a time and see for sure which one is the culprit, but I feel pretty sure it’s the graphics engine update.


Still running good and no freezes without the update(s), successfully ran memtest86+, eleven passes no memory errors in just under nine and a half hours.