Hi can anyone tell me if Comodo is compatable with superantispyware ? had a prob with it a couple of times stalling
thanks ,

If your using the latest .439 build of CIS and latest 4.23 build of SAS, Then yes it’s fully compatible. I believe SAS Pro uses 424K RAM and CIS uses about 4-9MB all up on average.


I use SUPERAntiSpyware as a secondary defense. If I know Comodo didn’t catch it, or there are registry entries that weren’t removed with the spyware in question, I run SUPERAntiSpyware. It’s always good to have a second line of defense. Personally, my nice computer (specs at the end), I have Comodo CIS, Avira, and SAS running on it. Especially when I scan customers computer, I find that Comodo finds a few items Avira misses, or catches an item that Avira doesn’t catch at first, such as the TDSS Rootkit. Comodo could find it and neutralize it really easily, but Avira took a few scans. So yes on Vista 64-bit and XP Home I have had both working just fine (Comodo and SAS).

My Nice Computer Specs:
AMD Phenom 9600 (4x 2.3GHz Cores, 128KB L1 Cache (per core), 512KB L2 Cache (per core), and 2MB L3 Cache (shared))
Gigabyte 780G S2H Motherboard
4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM (soon to be 8GB)
DVD ± RW w/Lightscribe
Windows Vista Premium 64-bit