does anyone know of it? i hear its pretty good and it also offers real-time protection in both the free and paid versions

i use it as a on demand scanner,the free version does not have real time protection only the paid got good ratings on and majorgeeks.


Slow but thorough. Never found anything on my pc, though 8) (good thing for me).

to hyatt: oh, ok.

and soya: by slow, u mean slow scanning, not makes your computer slower, right?

Right. But as in any security scanner, I try to avoid using the PC as much possible because of course they have to use up cpu during scanning. Sure, you can still use the pc, but then it’s a matter of the cpu being divided among which process has the higher priority. As long as you’re not playing a game or any activity that requires heavy use of the cpu, then it’s not as noticeable. That’s why they’re called on-demand scanners vs. some that constantly runs in the background called real-time scanners.

ok, i see. but how come SUPERAntiSpyware appears in my windows task manager?

and would you recommend me still having it although i already have adaware, sybot search & destroy and spyware blaster on my system? its just because on my friends computer, it found things that the other two scanners missed out on.

Maybe because it’s currently running? ;D

   SAS ranks among the best at anti-spyware coming from other users' opinions at Wildersecurity forum.  That's at least in terms of detection rates.  Your other listed programs are old, but there are still people who prefer them for some reason.  I used to have them as well, back when they were big.  That was when I was too lazy to research more into other software and all I see were those on the net.  
   Unlike AVs, AS each have an overall low detection rate because I guess spyware is harder to detect or get rid off.  The best strategy for blacklist scanners is to combine a bunch of them e.g. SAS + Spybot + whatever.  Catch my drift?  Of course, all this is gathered from my own reading on the net and it all depends on the user: knowledge level, experience level, how comfortable at own habits, risk level of surving in non-legit websites, etc.  
   Then there are other important factors to consider: "Do I really need all these programs?  Maybe for backups?  What about false positives (legit software that the AS deems as malware)?".

you can right click on the superantispyware icon in system tray and untick start with windows if you dont want it to run at startup,i believe if you leave it startup with windows it provides homepage hijack(change)alert.

If it stays in the system tray then the ability to right-click on a file/folder to scan with SAS is unlocked.

hmmmm…i’ll think i’ll use this, it sounds pretty good.

but should i now remove one of my other anti sypware programs? if i should, which one? (adaware or sbybot seach & destroy (i like spyware blaster beacause it stops the bad things before they get in from the net) )

If you use Internet Explorer then keep Spywareblaster. It mostly blocks bad sites and ActiveX.

Ad-aware - I uninstalled it long ago when it could no longer find anything for months. Relatively clean systems noawadays only find “data miners”, which are cookies.

Spybot - Classic. It has other useful features other than plain old blacklisting scanner. If you don’t know what they are or do then it’s useless to you. Depending on your needs you could keep it. Still much lower detection rate compared to the other AS.

I only have SAS at the moment because my system is clean and I like to simplify things. It’s my backup until CFP 3 rolls out, which will wipe out the other security software I’ll need.

alright, cool.


Spybot has some nifty features, plus it’s a classic, as Soya puts it.
SAS is one of the best, so is A-Squared, and AVG AS.
Adaware is, umm, well, not that good. I still have it for some reason. I like scanning i guess… Will remove it after ONE LAST SCAN, i promise.

actually…hey wait…

what about AVG antispyware? its full version has real-time protection and automated features, but the free version only has the scanning features and stuff. would the real-time be really needed if i get it? i already have spyware blaster running along with superantispyware, avast pro, and comodo firewall

When i said AVG AS, i meant AVG Anti-Spyware :slight_smile:
If you run SAS in real time, no. Use only one imo.
If not, choose by trialing AVG AS. When you first install it, you have 30 days of full version to make up your mind.

but what if i use SAS and AVGAS (both free)? some people use that combo, and say they work well

i’m also thinking of just using SAS free and spyware terminator…those sound good

I installed SUPERAntispyware on a computer that had 1 rootkit, ~4 trojans, ~4 worms/backdoors, ~4 spyware apps (Including VERY VERY nasty ones).

It cleaned the computer VERY well, i also ran AVG Antispyware free on top of it and between the two products rid the machine of EVERYTHING.

I highly recommend both.

i ran into another program, spyware terminator. some say its actually spyware/adware, others say its actually one of the best…what is it really?

Not spyware. I used it before, but I didn’t like the support and forum. It’s one of free real-time AS. It’s up to you if you want it for free real-time protection.

but soya, would u say spyware terminators real-time protection and detection/removal system is effective and good?