SuperAntiSpyware - What's Running....?

I have SuperAntiSpyware and only use it to scan. I also use a feature it has for showing you what’s running on your computer. When you request it do its thing, it fires up Firefox with a new IE tab and URL to
This also starts an ActiveX and pretty soon you have a list of all the running programs, browser extensions, toolbar and registry applications, and startup applications. It also tells whether each of these is a recognized safe item, a recognized unsafe item, or an unrecognized item. All pretty cool.

For awhile, every time I did this Comodo Defense+ (in Safe mode) would give an alert that firefox was trying to do an action of Access Memory to Comodo’s cmdagent.exe I said Allow and Remember since I knew that Firefox was running something that was looking for what was running. As an experiment I tried the whole scenario again and got the same alert and said Allow and Remember.
So then I added as a trusted software vendor (SuperAdBlocker is the digital certificate signer). Now when I do the same scenario I do NOT get an alert but Defense+ claims to have blocked firefox for accessing the memory of cmdagent.exe

Is this the behavior I should be expecting?