superantispyware real time scanner

does avira have a realtime scanner and can i use SAS pro realtime scanner and have it on all the time without conflict.

Hi DarkenCypher,

Sure Avira has real-time scanner,

But as for using any AV/Anti-spy-malware / whatever you can call it - the rule of thumb - you have to choose only one and have another as on-demand only
Even the later setup is for experienced users, who knows how to handle such setups
That may not be trivial.

Well otherwise you are facing system clashes.
Needless to say as minimum you will definitely have performance degradation
Leaving aside more serious clashes- any scan (meaning substantial size of scan) will take ~2.5-3 times more than necessary … etc…


I have used Superantispyware and Avira together (with both realtime scanners active at the same time) and I have had no problems, no conflicts, and no noticeable system slow down.

In fact, on the superantispyware website, it says this:

“SUPERAntiSpyware has been designed to be compatible with popular antivirus and antispyware applications such as ESET NOD32, Spybot Search and Destroy, AdAware, GriSoft AVG, McAfee, Norton, Symantec, Kaspersky, Webroot, PCTools, Malwarebytes, Avast, Avira, and more.”

So, Based on my experience and based on what it says on the superantispyware website, I would say that simultaneous use of the Avira and Superantispyware real-time scanners is safe and reliable.

They are two different kinds of antimalware applications, although types of detection may overlap…

sas=antispyware eg: malwarebytes, spyware doctor
avira=antivirus eg: avast, norton, avg


Hi drhu22,

1st, yes they are declared/may be/ and in many cases are compatible

At the same time, we always have to keep in mind that every one of them due to updates (rather major version upgrades) can bring incompatibility / problems / system clashes

That is basically a law - you do not have 2 or more Software (AV /Anti-Malware) with real-time residents
Only one chosen has the latter - others are on-demand only (if you have an experience to mange such setups)

Then, re: your classification.
Well, nowadays you cannot really make a precise & distinguished classification what is malware/virus/spyware

As an examles:

  • you did place SAS into “antispyware” category … , but is it anti-spyware or more than that? (seems like the latter is close to the truth)

  • please read many dedicated articles out there and you will find a lot of info stating that Malwarebytes will not protect you from viruses … hmmm… 88) interesting… but true,
    and many people relying on it considering it’s “anti-everything” solution :slight_smile:

As a conclusion:
well - there is no need for that, since it was explained many times and by many

  • only one AV solution with the resident must to be chosen
    otherwise, you are just waiting for troubles (sometimes serious… sooner or later)


Why you don’t use Comodo Internet Security 5? It haves antivirus & antispyware & real-time protection too without worry that will be created an conflict.

Hi cristy_maxspeed,
Everybody has rights to have “several opinions” re: scanning & detections.
Basically that is a never bad idea using other on-demand scanner(s) taking in account that you know how to manage that. So the questions about compatibility and possible conflicts are legit
In addition Comodo’s AV despite it’s improving does not have one of the best detection rates (it is way far from that) and too many FPs

My regards

Well it is more than surprising to hear that from a “Malware Research Group” member
woW!! Are you serious?

Have you ever tested real malware? … especially using Comodo’s AV & the latest “sandbox”?

Have you ever read any topics regarding any tests … and whatever was said about this particular AV (including replies by CEO) ?

Most likely - not
You cannot be serious… unfortunately you joined (:CLP) Comodo’s clapping society

The learning curve isn’t easy, but necessary


hahah!! :smiley: Thank you !

Funny stuff indeed! … you are definitely not aware & were not reading this forum yet
Sure, that is not easy.
This is a big and decent forum, which has many opinions. Some are pretty good
It’s worth trying to read (a lot!!) before making any conclusions. Try it , please

The last message - the one you’ve posted … hmmmm … 88) , saying bluntly…
is pretty dumb


P.S. I am sure you are NOT testing real malware, using v5 :wink: … just chatting here … “elephant talk” … hope you know what that means ???.. not sure though

Siberlynx. That’s enough. Everybody has a right to their opinions as you say but badgering people around does not fit that description. Please refrain from that.

Hi Eric,

1st, I am sure that my reply was not “badgering” , but yes - you have a right to think so

At the same time, if you reread my post you’ll find the question about testing – not a statement expressing doubts re: cristy_maxspeed’s experience…
but the answer was arrogant & rude

Yes, I know more than you about malware.
… and based on what. may I ask?
But that was fine according to you opinion and – that “fit the description”. Nice.

Finally, Eric as a moderator, please refrain from not pointing, that comments like

... and you think that you're an expert, don't visit this forum. Point.
are “less than acceptable”... or that “fit the description” as well ?

My regards

Maxspeed statement are understood by me as coming from a young person. He is just bragging as young guys sometimes do and understood like that.

I estimate you being about at least 15 years older. If any teenager at work would say such a thing you would probably just smile in the understanding fashion that come with age. Given the difference in age and life experience your reaction seems the most unbalanced of the two of you.

Absolutely Correct! - “just bragging” because you definitely (I hope) have read his /her current posts:
dozens “+1”; “Sure” ; “Avira” (whatever that means) ; “Congratulation!”; and quite a load of saying kinda: “If you use CIS, you don’t need any more products”;… :-TU and alike … and other sorta empty worded ■■■■ (excuse my french)!

That is currently just a pure spam! all over the place

Despite the differences in our point of views, which are:

  • You like every single thing Comodo is developing;
  • I do oppose to most of those (except the pure old Firewall)
    I never doubted your skills (you know that well),
    but it seems to me that currently you are tend to support any rude, inappropriate, silly posts & remarks from any user, but you will just bloody ■■■■■ me and some other users for no apparent reasons any time.
    That’s sad (I can live with that) but sure that is not a good example considering that you are a moderator here.

The age mainly does not matter
If “any teenager” will come to any forum posting ■■■■ - the adults have to stop him or here & politely point that out rather than showing support by spitting a mucus on those who (at least in one stage of Comado development) helped with the bugs research & stuff

When I was a teenager my teacher in programming , who is one of the greatest minds in that area, would stop me quite a vocally with some “5 storage” Russian swearing that you would never find in English or any other given language.
2 times hi even used his fists. I was kicked badly & thrown few meters away from a computer when I was going to push the wrong button on engineering panel
Those were some lessons & I’m grateful for that, because nobody ever died considering the specifics of our development

On the contrary - what you are doing (especially lately) instead

  • is encouraging trolls posting load of empty worded BS, and punishing users here who are having different / reasonable point of views, being in opposition to what Comodo is doing currently,
    which is: … (several dots)


So please don’t talk to me or at all I’m fine with that.
Please read an examples of your posts. Currently they are empty worded & completely useless

because Eric is absolutely right - indeed you sound like a little kid that doesn’t know much yet, but ready to post either useless remarks and offend other users that have much more experience than yours.
You have to learn a lot before posting

Then, it is inappropriate to post rude & arrogant messages in any circumstances
As I said, you did not read the forum yet… Well, most likely you haven’t read even this thread properly

you did not do anything bad,
since you cannot do any good or bad yet, but you were unconsidered ; rude ; showing unreasonable overconfidence


Siberlynx. The way I see it is following. In the following you are starting to flame by accusing cristy_maxspeed of not knowing what he is talking about without waiting for him to reply. On top of that you are offending him by accusing him of being part of the clapping crowd.

He then responds to your flame bait:

You then continue and accuse him of not having read anything relevant. You offend him one more time when saying “Sure, that is not easy.”; referring to his supposed lack of effort. Then you call his action dumb without explanation. Not sure what you mean with your P.S.(no need to explain unless christy_maxspee says it offended him):

When I call you upon it you start complaining you are treated so badly by christy-maxspee. It is something you have started with the behaviours described in the above.

If you don’t like my posts either report them using the Report to moderator link or send a pm to another moderator. The former also applies when you don’t like christy-maxspee’s posts.

Again, if you don’t like my christy_maxspee’s post user the available channels to notify the Comodo Forums Moderators.

Bullying christy-maxspee around may not be the best way to motivate him. One catches flies with honey rather than with vinegar.

You are spot on here.

And [at] EricJH: Why do you say that?

Why? I don’t do anything bad.
Please stop that.

In my view you weren’t doing anything bad. You got unfortunately drawn into SiberLynx’s flaming.

:-TD Unfortunately, neither you Eric as an experienced moderator
nor an inexperienced teenager (as you pointed correctly above) did not get it …yet?

Using the language of mentioned teenager… If you Eric

… & then, sure the below is a joke, since I know you for a long time,
but have I ever send you a message like

after I just met you first time here? …hmmm … 88) Nah!


p.s. as pointed above - teenagers must be encouraged to learn; Trolls should be stopped
You are doing quite opposite in this case

You started it . Stop complaining.

Complaining?! ??? :o
Are you really completely getting out of touch?
That is indeed surprising… seriously

Please read what I wrote in the above about your role in these chain of events. I am noticing you have not replied to that yet.