SUPERAntiSpyware Pre-Release 4.22

SUPERAntiSpyware 4.22.1012 Pre-Release is now available for testing.

Interface and Functionality Changes

  • Support for Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Unicode Languages coming soon)
  • New in-product graphics/logo
  • Enhanced diagnostic interface and submissions

Technology Changes

  • Resolved issue with NVidia Drivers (improved real-time protection)
  • Enhanced DDA (Direct Disk Access) to handle malware that blocks volume access
  • Enhanced detection of rootkits and hidden services

Important : You MUST uninstall any previous version before installing this version. SUPERAntiSpyware Professional users, your existing registration code works with the pre-release.

Use this tool to uninstall:

Download link:

Pre-Release in this case is a Release Candidate.


what’s the difference between superANTIspyware, superadblocker and pop-up sentry! ?
all those 3 products use the same GUI.

update : ok i got my answer, i DLED superANTIspyware pro to test it and the publisher is
but on the superANTIspyware website when u order pro version they offer the pro version + superadblocker bundle so it seems those 2 apps are not exactly the same.
superadblocker got superANTIspyware module but it seems it’s not the pro version,
i just installed the pro version and the cpu usage is not a problem like when i activate it in superadblocker…they should integrate the last superANTIspyware build to fix the too high cpu usage.
superANTIspyware pro works better and doesnt use cpu ressource like in superadblocker.
but there’s not this adblocking like in superadblocker that blocks absolutly all ads or popups.