SuperAntispyware file warning during log on

I am using Comodo Internet Security (latest version) on a Windows 7 64 bit system. I am also using SuperAntispyware Pro latest version. During the power on or simple relog on of Windows,
I get a warning popup from CIS “asking to run file ‘SSUPDATE64.EXE’ at elevated privileges”. This file is the file that initiates automatic updates when windows starts for SuperAntispyware. However, the box labeled ‘always trust the publisher of this file’ is darkened out and doesn’t allow me to check it. I have included this file in ‘My safe files’ also.

What can I do to keep this CIS warning from appearing every time on log on to Windows? Why is it even warning me in the 1st place? I want this file to run 100% of the time and don’t want to have to manually allow it to each and every time I log on.


Can you confirm that you get the alert even after adding it to the safe files and restarting your computer.

I think that’s what you meant, but I want to make sure.

This file has been included in my safe files for months. However, I do notice with this latest version of CIS, safe files is different from past CIS versions. In the past, I would send files to ‘safe file’ and it would be listed there with any others. From there, you would be ask to check the ones you wanted to actually ‘send to’ your safe files and you would do this and the list would clear and added.
Now, there is a list a files sent to safe file with the option to ‘move to’ my pending files or my block files. I am not sure what that means now. Currently, I have a list of files including the one in question listed in ‘my own safe files’. But I haven’t done anything else with them as I would have from past versions. Am I suppose to use the ‘Move to’ option or not after files are move to safe files?

I get the same alert on bootup on my Win7 x64 system. I just installed SAS recently. Placing SSupdate64.exe in My Safe Files has not stopped the alert for me either. I even made it a “Trusted Application” in Firewall settings, but I continue to get the alert at boot up.

You probably need to make it an installer/updater in the Computer Security Policy, then CIS will just assume that it needs elevated privs (and that everything it runs does too).

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Thanks for the suggestion, Mouse. Just did that and will see how that works.

Looks like making SSupdate64.exe an installer/updater did the trick for me. No more CIS warnings on this file since making that change. Thanks again, Mouse1.

No problem!

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