SUPERAntiSpyware 4.15.1000

Technology Changes

* Improved scanning engine (technology)
* Enhanced Direct Disk Access (DDA) to handle damaged drives
* Improved detection of early boot rootkits
* Resolved rare issues with DDA (Direct Disk Access) and improved compatibility with various NTFS formats
* Firefox cookie scanning and removal improvements
* Resolved rare hangs during scan due to damaged files/versions



Any one had SAS update itself? Mine’s set to check for programme updates, but it’s still 1046.

Are you using the free or pro? I think that featured is disabled in the free version. Anyways no biggie just uninstall 1046 and install 4.15.1000.

Ah, that’s the reason. Thanks - I’ll get it.

Well, there’s a thing! Just started SAA and a pop-up told me about the update, so I let it run and now have the new version.
Must be timed to spread the load on the servers.

I’ve had it since the Pre-Release and it works great! :BNC

I read at PC World magazine the superantispyware only protects the home page URL against hijacking. Will someone explain to me what this means, please. I asked superantisyware and the said hijacking occurs with the home page only. Is this true?

Yes this is true. Spyware will try to change your home page. Suppose your home page is if you get infected with spyware it will try to change and sometimes will change your home page to some like Its called browser hijacking.

Does superspyware do more than just protect the home page from being hijacked? Does it block viruses and spies? Or is additional security needed?

If you want the proper answers then go to the site. SuperAntiSpyware is an anti spyware. Thats it. The free edition is on demand only and offers no real time protection. You still need a good av like Avast or NOD32. This is not a SuperAntiSpyware help site but I am trying to help you. You can join there forums.

Oh I did not know they had their own forum. Thanks!! Is it not possible to have 1 security system that does it all, that is not $50. For too much will confuse my Mom whom owns this computer.

You can get a great av and firewall for free. Use Avast Home Edition and Comodo. It will keep you well protected. Scan once a week with SAS.

From Superantispyware representative got this comment:
We protect over 50 points of the system from being infected. We detect harmful processes from running, and our First Chance Prevention examines over 50 points in the system when you start up and shut down your system.

Keep in mind thats only if your using real time mode.

This is a MUST HAVE utility on your PC!!


Are you talking about the free version or the professional version?

There is no difference in detection rate between Pro or Free. Well all use the free version. The only thing the Pro version offers is real time protection and auto updates which both you do not need.

Free Version.

For Pro version you have real time & need $$. But personally on demand SAS is top as CFP 3 takes care of the rest!


So it is more important to have a good firewall instead of real time virus protection?