super video converter

i recieved about 4 or 5 false positives when converting a video with super

when the av alerted my i told it to report it as a FP
and i didnt know if i had to upload them as well so i uploaded the 2 that were not tmp files

for the 2 the werent temps this is the alerts i recieved
super.exe - Heur.Pck.tElock@-1
ffmpeg.exe - UnclassifiedMalware@17223393


Hi wasgij6,

You can submit all the false positives you found through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi wasgij6,

These FPs are fixed in DB 5129.Please update and confirm it.


the FP has been fixed but i am also getting more FP from the same program
ff20gg.exe - Heur.Pck.tElock@-1
i have already submitted the file as a FP