Super Slow Typing in Comodo IceDragon.

About a week ago, Comodo IceDragon was running well. Now, the typing is so slow I feel like I’m back in some sort of 150 baud flashback. Sometimes I type twelve letters before the spinner spins and the browser starts to catch up. Grabbing and moving screens takes a while, too. So I tried the following steps to fix things.

  1. Ran AntiVirus/malware programs to see if something got in. Ran the Comodo anti-virus, MalwareBytes, and even the Microsoft antivirus. They all found nothing.

  2. Started uninstalling programs to find the culprit. Uninstalled SQL Server, .net stuff and everything I could think of that I had installed in the past month. There was no change.

  3. Desperate times mean desperate measures. I did a complete Windows 10 Reset. It worked well. Pretty much everything was gone except the basics. Re-installed Comodo IceDragon. Also installed CPUID CPU-Z (a little system info program). Besides that, I installed nothing. Opened up Comodo IceDragon. No Change…!

I remember thinking . . . What? I just took everything off this computer and did a complete reset. Then I thought to try something. I installed and opened another browser, Chrome. I found it was also very slow picking up on input. Then I opened MS Edge. There was . . . . drumbeat . . . NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Fast as anything. Then I installed MS Explorer 11 (which I need for remoting in for work) and found it was as slow as Chrome or IceDragon. Why would only the latest Microsoft Browser be working at normal speeds (Insert Conspiracy Theory Here :o)?

Now I can certainly work with MS Edge for certain things. But I do not trust it as much for privacy or, to some degree security. I also do not like feeling forced to change. Has anyone else heard of this problem? Here is some of my info:

Windows 10
Version 1803 OS Build 17134.191
Computer: I5 @ 3.2 GHz 3201 2 Core with 6 Gig RAM

Thanks, Steve5

Hi, Steve5! Thank you for the feedback.

We just released a new version that should fix this issue. You can download the new version here;msg879729#msg879729

[i]Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team

Updated Comodo on Wednesday the 8th. Got faster right away. After testing for a few days, still seems good and stable. Thanks! Took care of the problem.

Steve5 ;D

I am using CID portable for couple of weeks and it’s faster than any other Mozilla browsers. more than satisfied :slight_smile: