Super Serious Bug with SafeSurf in CFP

I use Windows Vista x64 with SP1. This is a brand new install and I installed this new version without having ever put CFP on this install.

During shutdown and bootup, SafeSurf pops up with a message saying that it stopped a program from executing. This program is Windows\system32\taskeng.exe. Thus, my system won’t start. << I had to boot in safe mode and use autoruns to eliminate all registry keys with and comodo safesurf in them. There was a lot to delete. Then I was finally able to boot into my system. CFP has a feature that allows one to click “allow” or “deny” instead of killing the program outright. This is so serious of a bug, please do not wait for a Tuesday or Thursday to release a fix. Please add the allow/deny buttons instead of killing things outright. You may want to pull this update so no other user has this issue.

I was finally able to boot my system as you can tell by this post and SafeSurf is fully uninstalled now. Please fix this asap. Like I said, a bug this serious should not wait until an official release date. I don’t care if the allow/deny buttons are ugly at first, just get it fixed, then work on prettying up later. I have been happy with Comodo products. SafeSurf is a let down at the moment. Add the features in this report and it should be working fine. Then I can just say allow to taskeng.exe and also add a check box like CMF has that remembers the decision. SafeSurf needs to be more CMF like. Heck, as I reported in the release thread, SafeSurf kills the CMF update process.

Good luck.

I had a similar problem with SafeGuard. The program blocked access to My Computer. It also blocked Comodo Memory Firewall.

After rebooting I reinstalled Comodo Firewall (this time without SafeGuard) and everything is running smoothly now.



sorry, it’s SafeSurf actually

Glad I am not the only one with this. I wonder if this only affects Vista x64 or other systems as well? I can use CMF just fine, but SurfSafe doesn’t like taskeng, so I have no system basically. :stuck_out_tongue:

So basically If there is a Buffer Overflow, It auto kills it with no deny/allow button?


unfortunately yes

I also use Vista 64 with SP1

Hope the Comodo staff will fix this bug quickly.

Yep. And it autokills taskeng.exe on my vista x64 machine, so that means I have no computer on bootup except for a black screen with a cursor and that’s all.

I just made a clean install of 3.0.24 (released today) under Vista x64 and
it did NOT ask me whether I want the toolbar installed, and it did NOT install the toolbar.

Maybey they removed it for the time being, as a “quick” fix ? … can anyone confirm this ?

I didn’t get the install for it either, unless the installer messed up somehow. :S We need to hear official word from Melih.