super fast scan speed

hey just wanted to tell the comodo team that the scan speeds are incredible fast. I did a full scan, and it was done in 7min. With other av’s it usualy takes about a hour ore even longer.
Great work comodo dev team :-TU

I’m agree that’s Comodo have a very fast scan speed and through.

In the past I’m using ***** and Scan my 2GB removable drive that’s infected by virus.

***** scanned by using less than 1 minute and infected files was deleted but not at all.

Comodo used about 1 minute but it can deleted all infected file.

yes CIS is fast. I made this little test.
Scanning my whole system with Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware (full scan) took 19 min 28 sec.
To scan the same area with CIS took only 11 min 48 sec. (with highest parameters : scan memory on start - scan archives - automatically update… - heuristics scanning level high - don’t scan files larger than 200MB [two hundred])

Sorry for my poor English