Sun VirtualBox wants to create 2 new Network Zones

I have just installed Sun VirtualBox.
Everytime that I open Windows I see 2 requests to create 2 new Network Zones (look at the screensot below taken at the time I accepted, before deleting the two’s)

So far I have canceled the request, so that I only have my “regular” local network #1.

I have two three questions:

  1. do I have to accept Virtualbox request? what do I risk by accepting? (sorry for the noobness)
    1.bis) why VirtualBox is making such request? It works perfectly even with no Network Zones (maybe I haven’t tested all its functions)
  2. in case I don’t have to accept, is there a way to avoid that at every restart I see that request and press “cancel” “cancel” “cancel”… till it is gone away? (“automatic detect new private networks” is left selected as suggested in the manual)

Thankd guys :-TU

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When Windows does not see a network, for whatever reason, it will give your computer an IP address in the 169 range. I guess in your case it took to long for Windows taste and that’s why it created it. You can safely remove that from the list of Networks.

Thanks for the “169 range” information… there is always time to learn something from the experts :-TU

I think that the other Network Zone is used if, from the server machine, you want to connect to internet (obviously from the only “real” machine that exists… that is the host) :wink:

It is only my guess… am I right?