Summary Screen

I really dislike version 3 of CBU with its opening / summary screen. I choose to create my own backups, not use the default ones offered. Thefore each time I open CBU I keep seeing the red warning texts about not being backed up, etc etc etc…!

Can it be changed? Can it open the Backup as default perhaps? It is really messy and distracting.


I understand why you are not very happy about this, because you are an advanced user.
The reason for the predefined backups is for inexperienced users to guide them and let them know what they should backup.

You can try to ignore these.


Version 2 was much better. Now Comodo is trying to dumb-down. If they want to dumb-down then they should still leave a configurable option for experienced users.

Comodo is trying to make is easy going program so that everyone can use it :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Indeed everyone should be able to use it, including advanced users ;D

Why would anyone who has a good knowledge of design have a label in BRIGHT RED CAPITAL LETTERS which denotes a warning situation that a restore has never been performed ?! Never performing a restore is NOT a warning situation, it is just a bit of status info.

This is just one example of poor design in this version of CBU.

Another one is that I use a good disk imaging product, so I do not want continuously reminding that I have not backed up my computer. OK, CBU cannot know that, but let me switch it off for goodness sake, or configure what alerts are important to me :-La

Another issue is with the Backup dashboard, or in fact the functionality. My pics, vids, music are subfolders of My Docs, so when I select the Documents backup up then it backs up all these media folders as well, so they are duplicated in the backup and wasting masses of space. It should be editable.

Yes I know this is a wishlist, but this is another rushed out, half-baked product from Melih’s boys. 88)

And I say that a user for a few years…and yes I can go somewhere else and use another product, but I try to remain loyal to Comodo but keep getting these frequent frustrations which I don’t get so often with other products / companies. I think it is because the product expansion / development is far too quick and wide, it needs more focus and quality.

My two pence worth. :-\

I see what you mean. CMT 2.9b is a good. At least it will save you when something strange happens. Explore it :slight_smile: I use it on my host pc and it works :slight_smile:

Valentin N

That sounds interesting, I have not used 2.9b, do you have a download link to it please? Was it fairly stable?

I like the way it is, but do agree it needs to be more flexible with choice for advanced users and needs a few things to be refined as stated by ‘cavehomme’, but the fact still remains for me I like to use Comodo’s product(s) but only do so when they are good enough to use, and enough Dev… goes into them.

But we all know that each Comodo team for the products, always listen to the users, so it’s only a matter of time before the CB is polished up to allow more choice/options for advanced users to customise and turn things on and off to their liking.

Not forgeting the issue with the duplicate files causing too much space to be used up which is not needed to be honest.

PS- many people prefer V2, but I may just be odd and prefer V3, despite the few things that need to be rectified.

keep up the good work!

CTM 2.9b I haven’t had a crashes or bugs. Make sure to have all option in General option off.

I love it!

Valentin N

Indeed. I prefer the interfact of v2 but the version I used did not have incremental and differential backup, so the V3 functions are better. But there are quite a few bugs.

What concerns me most is that I read yesterday on one of these threads somewhere that CB and CTM are going to be combined, and I understood, that online backup will be seperated. If my understanding is correct, I think that will be almost suicide for Comodo! Why? Because in my experience of CTM it is perhaps at best an alpha, and is a very dangerous tool because of its faults (6 months ago). It completely ■■■■■■■ one of my machines, and I am not the only one who suffered from CTM. If it is the same, and combined with CBU with its bugs…I fear for the user! :smiley:

CBU is great to have local and remote / online backup combined, just for Comodo to fix the bugs and improve it a little, but keep it away from CTM, and then…LEAVE THE CBU PRODUCT ALONE, stop playing with major functional changes! Just fine-tune, nothing more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Before I try it, please tell me if it has incremental backup please?

Also, not quite sure what you mean by “ave all option in General option off”


Oh dear!

I am sad to say that I do agree with you, CTM is at best an alpha and for that reason I stay clear of it due to the high risk involved, in order to combine CTM and CB they would have to put a LOT more resources into getting CTM stable before even thinking of mucking about with adding it to CB.

This is not an over-reaction, the words “SUICIDE” is not great enough of a word to even describe what would follow…

PS- Can you link me to the source of where it says they intend to combine CTM into CB?

Do you have Wmware? if you don’t download it and exlpore it there first.

"ave all option in General option off"

i mean unmark/uncheck all options in program settings. (sorry that I didn’t express myself well enough)

... incremental backup...

2.9 doesn’t have that it; it’s not a backup application but a rollback application.

Valentin N

Sure, it was on this thread…

Reply #8 by Andrei Ciubotaru.

When he refers to “Comodo Backup will be also released and will be more focused on his job, that of backing up anything and restoring anytime/anywhere!” I take that as a reference to combining CBU without online storage with CTM, but I could be wrong. I do not want to ask him because I do not want to commit suicide if he answers me affirmative! Ha Ha! :smiley:

I replied in that thread, and it all depends on how you read his comment… I don’t think CB will be combined, but from what he said it just maybe the case, so cannot class this as set in stone, just a guess…

How exactly (if they did do it) would CTM and CB combined work in your opinion ( I am assuming you are more tech savvy than me).


Thank you for your feedback. You have a point regarding the Restore color on the Summary.
If these are the problems you are having with Comodo Backup then you will love the next version :slight_smile: