Summary screen count reset after log clearing and refresh to 0

I don’t know if everybody else has experienced this, but as far as I can remember from the beginning of CIS to today when you clear either the firewall log, antivirus log, or all logs and refresh to empty the log screen(s) and you then tab back to the summary screen it always retains the numbers of blocked instances whether firewall or antivirus after log clearing, I’d like to see these reset themselves to 0 automatically instead of having to temporarily disconnect and close down CIS then relaunching CIS in order to see the summary screen reset all to 0 and then reconnecting, it’s tedious at best, CIS should do this on its own without closing it down…
Agreed? :-TU
Xman 8)

There’s another old topic about this here.

But anyway, yea, I totally agree. :-TU It bothers me too.

One question though:

When you say “disconnect”, do you mean you disconnect your PC from the Internet when resetting the number? If so, this is not necessary. By relaunching cfp.exe, you are just restarting the CIS GUI, but cmdagent.exe is still running, so you are still being protected (everything is default denied when the GUI is closed down). :slight_smile: