Summary page not showing Installation Mode

There seems to be a bug in the main Summary Page GUI,
when switching to- or being in “Installation Mode”, there’s nothing in the Summary page that
shows clearly that we’re in Installation Mode.

“The Defense+ security level is set to Safe Mode” is always showing, even when we have switched
to Installation Mode. There only “Switch to Previous Mode” which kind of give an idea that where not in our default mode (Safe Mode in my case), but no single sign that we’re in Installation Mode.

Screenshot shows the GUI part when in Installation Mode.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Any alive please ?

Am I really the only one where the summary page does not properly state it is in Installation mode ? ???

It’s telling you you’re in installation mode, and giving you a link to switch back to your previous mode. (Safe Mode) Before entering Installation Mode, the link in that same position says, “Switch To Installation Mode”. That seems pretty straightforward to me.

The upcoming version 4 doesn’t have installation mode.