Summary of proposals (and my opinion)

Hi all,
I try to summarize what has been proposed:

Not necessary. Perhaps Browser-Add-ons (site verification), but not a complete new browser app. Full agree with DoomScythe.

Would be nice, if it could not only defrag (what all of the free alternatives do) but reorganize files according to some rules (like commercial defraggers do). Although it would be nice, it is not security related.

Ghost/TrueImage/DriveImage replacement:
That would be great, unfortunately only little more security related than a defragger. But I think this would be a great bit of work. Needs the ability to be started from a CD.

Backup app:
EDIT: The proposal seems to be old, als there is Comodo BackUp already.
Does it have include/exclude rankable filters to add, like:
That complete folder

  • Music (*.mp3, *.wav, *.flac, *.ogg, …)
  • Images (*.jpg, *.bmp, …)
    o multiple custom filters that take wildcards

Drive encryption software:
Interesting idea. Anyway I think that only few people will take the step and encrypt their drives. Would only be useful if it wasn’t too much of a performance hit.

Continue improving upon your firewall’s capabilities is always a good idea :slight_smile:

Registry protection software:
Interesting idea, may be useful.

Most browsers do this already nowadays.

System Monitor:
There’s already the excellent and free ProcessExplorer from sysinternals. You just can’t top that. And why would you want that? The same goes for Regmon, Filemon, RootkitRevealer and nearly all of their tools: They are really good and offered for free. Don’t waste your resources to make an app that does the same.

XP Security tweaking app:
As there is already XP-Antispy there is no huge need for something like this, but you may include things like this into the firewall.

General XP tuning app:
Please don’t do that. People should learn that most things in XP are already set to good settings. The really annoying things (Autoplay, Drive letters, Command completion) can all be disabled with MS powertoys.

Secure IM Client:
A secure IM client that does several protocols (ICQ most important) with a no-frills GUI would be great.

Ad blocker / popup-blocker:
I’m not sure if it’s already integrated into the firewall. Would kill those stupid flash advertisments that float over the site and can’t be closed. Unfortunately not really security related. Some say it should be in the browser, but the firewall can already filter requests from known ad-hosters.

Security for mobile phones:
Why not. Probably difficult to target all Mobile OSs.

A netlimiter app:
Nice idea. Something that throttles the traffic of apps, even if they don’t support it natively. But where’s security here?

Burning app:
Not really security related. Several free alternatives already exist.

Traffic shaper:
A little competition for cFos wouldn’t be wrong…

VPN client:
An easy to use VPN client would be a good idea. I’d like to have one.

VoIP client:
A skype alternative one can trust would be nice. I have read a security analysis of skype and I don’t use it because of that.

Everest/AIDA32-like application:
I think PC wizard from the CPU-Z guys ( already does a good job.

Easy but secure remote administration utility:
If I want to help friends do something, it’s often long phone calls. If I could only remote control their PC. I know that XP has something like that built-in, but I keep it disabled beause I don’t trust that it is safe to use. If comodo would release a secure client/server remote control, that would be helpful. EDIT: Found a link to here in the forum, have to try that first.

My ideas:

  • An easy but secure file-sharing app for local networks:
    Imagine a friend visiting and you want to set up a possibility that you can share things. You either use MS networking which is not easy, or you set up a ftp server and grant rights. The latter can be more secure (SFTP) but is also complicated. I think you’d reach lots of normal users with an app that allows easy and secure sharing of files.

  • A data safe:
    EDIT: I have seen Comodo iVault now… forget what I wrote.

I hope, I got most of the tongue-not-in-cheek ideas here. So that people can have at a short glance what was already proposed.

Finally I want to thank Comodo for providing such excellent tools for free.

Kind regards,

EDIT: Phew, the list is much longer than I thought. Lucky me I made a copy in notepad because I hit the timeout :slight_smile: