Summary indicates a threat found but no Info - upgraded to Windows 7

Recently upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate. Now on the Summary page I keep receiving - 1 threat detected so far but have no info or knowledge of the threat. No event, not in quarantine.not in logs etc etc - nothing. If I restart Comodo the threat message on the Summary reverts to Zero but reappears a few hours later still with no info. Where can I find what this is or is it some sort of malfunction? I am running a dual boot system with XP Pro and Win 7 Ultimate. Both have CIS installed and when I run XP all is fine. This bug only appears in Win7


If you run a full scan before it says threat found does it still recognize the threat?
Also you can adjust the AV so that it does not automatically quarantine threats.

If it actually is detecting a file this should let you identify it?

All I see is the Summary page indicating a number 1 in the threats detected so far. There is nothing in the logs and no quarantined items. Nothing in the AntiVirus events and no warnings. I will run a scan this PM and see what happens.