Summary indicates a threat found but no Info - upgraded to Windows 7

Recently upgraded to Win 7 Ultimate. Now on the Summary page I keep receiving - 1 threat detected so far but have no info or knowledge of the threat. No event, not in quarantine. nothing. If i restart Comodo the threat message goes away and reappears a few hours later but with no info. Where can I find what this is or is it some sort of malfunction?


What happens when you click on the number 1 (notice it is a url so you can click on it)? You should be taken to the AV events log. What does it report? Can you post a screenshot?

I did try that and the AV log appears with the message there are no items to show. This morning I restarted CIS so the record was back to zero - cleared ALL the logs - restarted CIS and within an hour the record counts is back to 1 again - click on it and same message in AV Log - no items to show.

I am using Win 7 Ultimate 32bit.


BTW - didn’t post the screenshot of logs - seemed no point.

An addendum to my last post - and probably nothing to do with it - but in my search for the problem I had a lot of rundll events in D+. I tracked this to Image Execution Control settings - these were disabled in D+ settings - I have now enabled them. However this was a clean install and reading the forums enabled is the default setting - so something has changed this - not me!!