Summarised in FAQ - Is it normal to have two copies of cavse.exe running?

hello and thanks for your time. i noticed in my task manager/process window that i have two processes that seem to be identical, cavse. exe. they are both using the same amount of memory and cpu. can anyone throw some light on this for me. thanks in advance, techdunce :slight_smile:

I have been noticing the same thing since I installed CAVS last week, however SysInternals shows they are using different amounts of CPU, sometimes simultaneously. Are they both needed?

Hi there

2 instances of cavse.exe are normal :slight_smile: there are two of them to make on-access scans faster and smoother, and to prevent hangons with some files.,6013.msg44699.html#msg44699,5211.msg38593.html#msg38593

hello blas and thanks for your time. i am at the moment having a bit of trouble with processes in task manager (too many processes) and thought this was another symptom, but am quite satisfied that this at least is legitimate, so cheers for that, techdunce :slight_smile: