Summarised in FAQ - Does the Microsoft Security Center acknowledge CAVS?

afternoon. just installed cavs-how do i get security center to recognize it’s installed? task bar has red x in it. don’t suppose it’s all that important, just a little aggravating. tks for any help. frank

Security centre will recognze CPF but as far as I know it does not yet recognize CAVS. If anyone knows better please correct me on this,



Microsoft do not currently recognise beta sofware, so they won’t enable security centre for CAVS until after it is released as a stable.

You can turn the security centre notifications off, if they bother you.


tks for reply folks. frank

No problem. If you require any further help related to this, please PM a modertor to get this topic unlocked (please include a link).


WMI compliance will be added to a future release of CAVS.