Summarised in FAQ - Does CAVS run in Windows 2003?

At home, I used Windows 2003 as a workstation (following the steps given by to configure it to provide a workstation environment).

It is very stable, as it is NT 5.1 not NT 5.0 like XP. Of course, I can’t install just any programs; for instance antivirii I have to install the server versions.

Currently I am using Symantec AntiVirus Corp Edition. But I am willing to betatest the latest CAVS.

So my question is: Can I install (and use) CAVS in Windows 2003?


As long as you don’t have the 64Bit version of W2K3, it should work. If you’ve got the 32Bit, you should be good to go…


Ahh… thanks. Yes, mine’s 32bit. So I’ll install CAVS asap. :BNC

I don’t use 64bit Windows, even though my computer is an Athlon64. Win64 has troubles trying to install some apps like cough games cough. (:SHY)