Summarised in FAQ - Can I run CAVS in conjunction with my normal AV program?

I use Comodo firewall and am interested in the anti virus software. At present I am using Avast anti virus, can I use both or would this cause problems?

I’m no security expert but I wouldn’t recommend running two seperate instances of av software on the same box.



It’s never recommended to run two AV’s at the same time. However, you can run one as an on demand scanner and the other as a real time scanner.

CAVS and avast! have been tested together in this setup and should work fine together in this way.


I use Avast 4.7 as my real-time scanner, and I use Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 Beta strictly as an on-demand scanner ( I want to try it huh :wink: ), so with everything off including HIPS ( I have HIPS on in Spyware Terminator 1.8 ). I never had any problems. The only thing is that by default Comodo AntiVirus loads at startup, but any Startup Manager can help you with that :slight_smile:

See also this topic :,6182.0.html

Greetz, Red.