Suite has been split! Cheers, Comodo

I understand the philosophy behind Comodo’s decision to force CIS as a suite, and ending standalone products. They would want their new AV to ride in piggyback on the success of their existing proven Firewall product. But IMHO they may be losing out on a large section of potential consumers. Contrary to what many people (especially Americans!) think, there ARE still many dial-up users in the World. Many may not shift to Comodo just because of the huge installer size.

It would do the company better to offer standalone products too along with the suite, i believe.

It is split if you download the installer for CIS it askes what you want to install, it does not force your to install the firewall or AV.


Thanks for the quick reply. But please post replies as per the query raised.

I am a user of Comodo for long, and i know the option is available AFTER a person has downloaded the jumbo installer.

It is a wastage of worldwide internet resources if Comodo is forcing download of full package, and then giving the option of installing either of the products. This clearly means that the Firewall and the AV are independent of each other. It would not be wrong to deduce that individual installers are very much possible, just not being made available, to push in the comparatively new AV product.

For many people, each MB downloaded counts as a significant amount of money.

{Just a disclaimer, i myself am on a broadband program, but do have a finite download limit}

It would be nice to see a better packer used, something with more compression and also better compression on the signatures. I’m sure that it’s on the list for the development team, just how high, who knows. :-TU

very high…

We are working on reducing the size of the sig base drastically. Next release is aimed at that…



Does not seem like that long ago “over two decades back”, I use a program called 1stReader. The primary body was in sections that was downloaded individually, and then other features could also be downloaded either then or at a later time.

Could Key Elements of CIS be broken down in sections with the Installer Firewall, D+, BoClean etc combined in their related sections. Users then can download what they want at that time and download and install the other sections later.

Or files downloaded from Comodo’s servers could utilize Crash Recovery / Resume feature to continue where they left off. I know several times before the resume feaure was established for the Internet and I had a large file to download, many times it would be a 45 minute to a 1 1/2 hour file that would crash just 3 to 5 minutes before finishing.

Crash Recovery / Resume would help that problem with phone line downloads, but not if a user is restricted by the amount of downloads or time online.


good to hear, can’t wait. 8)

Thanks for all the replies. My initial posting may have seemed a bit harsh. I need to make it clear that i am very happy with my experience with the Comodo firewall so far. I changed from Zone Alarm Free version. Did a lot of research before choosing between Comodo and Online Armor Free. And i am happy with my choice so far.

Few things come for free in the world, and in the cyberworld most of the freebies are usually viruses and malware! So hats off to the company for making available such a good security program for the lowest fee possible… free!!
A company cannot run on air and good wishes, they need to have a revenue model and i am sure Comodo has one.

I would say its fair for the Ask toolbar etc. that comes bundled with the installer, as it may be an important source of income for the company. Only thing i wish for is that the default action is made “Opt-in” rather than “Opt-out” for installation of the adware.

Coming back to my discussion, my points were actually meant as a suggestion how comodo can be made a better choice for several people especially those on limited net connections, and i am happy the discussion has gone that way.

@UncleDoug… I agree totally with your post.

I appreciate Melih for stating that this is high on your priority list. If i may reiterate a point, you have posted on this thread, and not replied to the issue i raised… Do you really need the AV to piggyback on the Firewall’s goodwill? Is it possible to offer choice of modules to install at the website level itself, before download?

Thanks once again for a very good product.

I think it would be courteous for the people on dial up to offer choice what they want to download. A full CIS suite, an offline installer which allows to choose what parts to download and install which also keeps the downloaded installer in a folder of choice (in case of reinstall) and just separate installers.

I can see the aim of integration yet other products like Norton can be had as suite, AV program or firewall (at least in the past).

Next release will reduce family signatures that will help reducing data base size. I am very much looking forward to this release…

Its great to see that my suggestions had the desired result.

Since the last few versions, the initial setup file has reduced from the mammoth 100mb+ to a more manageable and decent ~38mb.

Those who want the AV component can download the signatures database later on during the process of installing.

Multiply by the number of users (who need and use just the firewall) and think of the time, money and bandwidth resources saved globally.


They can be split by the installer

There should definitely be the option for separate, smaller install files!

But I don’t think Comodo cares at all about download sizes.

we care about you.
So everything you say we care about.

But not everything your wish can be delivered in a time frame you desire.

You have hundreds of top notch programmers working for your security!


the installer is small 34 or so MB, it’s just the signatures that need to shrink.

Totally agreed. 34 mb installer is okie, and within the general range for a firewall with HIPS.
Great improvement by splitting the Firewall and AV component.

Totally disagree!

Yes, we all need a AV, Defense+ and Firewall. But no one says all three of them have to be from the same vendor. That would be going into monopoly and restrictive practices territory.

I am happy using Avast as my primary (and obviously only) AV, i get additional Webscanner module protection by using it; i face no compatibility issues with using it along with Comodo Firewall+HIPS. And, i do not intend to shift to Comodo AV till its proven better than Avast. Any tests yet that prove that?

My theory was that the total downloads of Comodo Firewall will increase, if they offer it standalone from the AV product. I do not have access to download figures… Only someone from Comodo can tell if it so happened or not.

Agree with that can make installer package smaller.

What does changed Topic title mean? If suite has been split where do one can get new installers? If i go to Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo there is only one item to download: full suite like before…

It’s still the full suite but a much smaller download. It probably does not include a base AV database any more. You only get that if you install the AV component and it downloads seperately.

I got it, thanks.

My mistake… Didnt want to make the title very long. so it became a little confusing. If you see the poll though, in the first option i have added the line within brackets “with separate signatures download”.

The installer remains common, but the bulk of the download requirement for the AV component is downloaded separately, later on, if you select the option to install it. It serves to make the initial installer much smaller.

Thanks for clarifying that to SS26.