comodo v7 beta has added web & url filtering & antiphising component but the web & url filtering & antiphising component is not working that great while working on latest versions of google chrome & firefox browsers & needs to be updated frequently like signature updates for better blocking capabilities of all sorts of malicious & dangerous & exploit based & phising websites & webpages , so it’s a request to the respected developers & programmers of comodo team to please improve the blocking capabilities & power of the web & url filtering & antiphising component in the final stable release of comodo v7 & it’s also a request to the developers of comodo to test the web & url filtering & antiphising component of comodo v7 beta using latest updated malware links & malicious webpage links from the below mentioned websites :




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also the proper & complete removal & cleanup capabilities of stubborn viruses & worms & rootkits & botnets & keyloggers & advanced spywares & adwares needs to be improved a lot lot more for the antivirus engine of comodo itself in the final stable version of comodo v7

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Good suggestion to update the web site list frequently. When the product is stable they will probably put more emphasis on quickly updating the web filter list. Make these suggestions in the wishlist. Otherwise the Comodo staff might not see them.

Without any facts given…I don’t get your point.

As of, blocked sites list of course it will be updated continiously, and the sites you have given are certainly already monitored by WebInspector.

the beta has only been out for a couple days and they are starting from scratch with the url filter so of course it doesnt block much yet. Give comodo some time to build their database

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Actually, upon further review this seems more like a prompt for discussion than a formal wish report. Therefore, I will move this to the main Beta Board.