Hi I was wondering if there is a possibility the new version of Comodo
Internet Security including Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing. I observed
Comodo has the tools to fulfill these functions, which were the Comodo
Anti-Spam and the Verification Engine. I believe that the inclusion of such tools
make the suite even more complete.

totally and 100 % agree, ive actually wondered before why they are not in there


I’d like to see the anti-spam program updated. I don’t think it even supports Windows Vista or Windows Seven. See:

However, I don’t want to see it incorporated into CIS. Too much bloat. Keep it as a standalone.

Please create a poll.

I think the same about bloatware. Although I can’t criticize the suites as I’m with the antispam module of avast :-\

+1 :-TU

I’m not saying that the user must necessarily use these modules. If they would cause any problems would be enough to disable them. Just believe that their presence is mandatory, since we’re talking about a security suite, which by nature must bring all the tools that a typical user needs to keep yourself safe.
Moreover, just because one suite has a lot of different software, does not mean she will become a bloatware. It is perfectly possible to make it run stably, such as Norton Internet Security 2011.

It is possible to go still such way. The module remains separate, and is simply integrated in GUI at installation - something similar was at integration CTM in CPM Beta or CTM in CIS 4.1 (whether at a course there is it in CIS 5). To make identical GUI (stylish and polished) - the original wall from threats will turn out, and from what bricks it to put (what type of protection to it is necessary) the user solves, remain those are happy also who who votes for and those against. Each product Comodo has in the basis excellent idea on non-standard realization of a problem (it is necessary to release a software from bugs, but approaches excellent - original). Also the modular design from various products would be very original is something new, one more trump for Comodo and at due realization Comodo in general to itself all pack will take away. :slight_smile:

Edit: Whether I remember community voted it is necessary to take out a sandbox from CIS, and at a modular design of such dilemma and would not be - someone uses separately Sandbox, someone CIS, someone both cooperating with each other. It so… The note that you would understand idea about what I speak.