Hey I am just wondering if there is any thoughts of incorporating spyware/malware detection in CIS, unless that is already incorporated.
Also, I play a fair amount of games on my computer and some are hassled by Defence +, some become unplayable because they can’t start up because of a defence + window being hidden behind the game. Not all allow Alt + Tab, to get out during the startup. So with that said, is there any way, we can get Defence + to pop up over that to become clickable, also along with all the other settings there should be a “Game” setting. So not to allow full control or anything like that, but to give enough to play the game properly. Could even make a “internet game” setting to allow internet traffic with it as well. Just for the nerds like me. Thanks guys.

I play alot of games aswell (:KWL) I allways put D+ in Training mode just when I startup a game and later just change back to in my case safe mode, have you tried that ?

Duh!!! That makes total sense!!! I can’t believe I never thought of that!!! Aleksis… YOU ROCK!!! :BNC (:HUG)

LOL, you just solved all my problems with that little statement about “training mode” LOL Thaks again.

haha no problem, glad I could be of help (:NRD)