The wishlist is too long~so I put it here (:SHY)
“Block files” seems a quick and convenient function to quarantine files(cannot be read), but it is not flexible enough. We cannot set a file(registry key) in the state of " can be read only" Like many other HIPS, maybe Defense plus can be used to confine the authority of users to access the files and registry keys deliberately(FD and RD functions). We can have the following choices: cannot be read; read only; can be modified. That’s why I suppose Geswall can make up for the “faults” above.But I am still looking forward to some changes alike in D+ and the “sanboxie”(virtualization) (:KWL)(really eager for that :BNC,cause sandboxie,anyway,make some conflict with D+,such as interception for some COMS and the screen shot)
On the other hand, have the genius developers(I mean it :■■■■) thought about export the rules in the file type of “xml” intead of “reg”? I know about the tools of exporting, but you know, it’s too clumsy. I cannot export my rules such as FW, D+ or “file groups” separately. And the “reg” file, hmm :THNK, maybe totally stable. Look at jetico, the “xml” can be modified easily with notepad and then be imported as part of rules. That is so smoothly.
Well, maybe the suggestions above are submitted before. All I want is some interactions between the staff and the customers. Of course it would be better if u accept them. I heard that the author of RTD had joined the team, maybe some of merit can be absorbed into D+. Thank U ! (:HUG) And Happy Chinese New Year!