First ,thanks comodo provided a powerful reliable firewall and hips application. I have been using comodo for a long time, mostly satisfied, but several problems more and more can’t be toleranted.

  1. Can’t temporaryly disable a rule, when you want to disable a rule, the only way is to delete it, as you find this rule is useful , you need to rewrite it. when rules are simple, it’s not a big problem, but when the rule you want disable is complicated, rewriting it will take you much time.
  2. Ask option is not actually ask, It’s real meaning is skipping, hope comodo can add a actual ask option, when meet this rule, directly pop ask frame, stop the processing, stop search rest of the rules. The existing ask option can change name to “skip”.
  3. in comodo, C:* means everything in c:, includes c:\windows* ,c:\windows\system32*, when I just want to control the root, there is no way to do it.
    Hope comodo become more and more perfect.