I hope im not breaking any forum rules but I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a free firewall for Vista x64 while im waiting for the stable version of Comodo 3? I really enjoy using 2.4 on my XP machine but dont really want to install beta on my power house PC. (R)

I believe jetico has a firewall available.

windows vista built-in firewall?

Jetico’s Vista-compatible FW (version 2) is not free. You may “trial” it, but I’m not sure for how long, or if it’s full-featured for the trial version.

PC Tools Firewall Plus is.

I think Zone Alarm has a free Vista version.


Ah didn’t realize they started charging, if that’s the case you may want to try PCTools’ firewall.

there are few, but not so much. free are: zone alarm, PC Tools Firewall 3.2. to pay: jetico, lock’n’stop, fortknox. but i ask: i have read past post where indicate in october comodo vista release, but until now seems to disappear any other news about, and we are at 20 october. anyone know something about? when it will be released. please give us any news

Have you read about v 2.4 getting Vista compatible?
Or as you’re new, do you mean CPF 3? If yes, it’s already compatible with Vista, but it’s in BETA stage-

And no one knows for sure when it will be out of BETA, but I’d guess in January or February 2008 if we’re lucky.


How about weebroot desktop firewall.? It’s free and is vista compatibe. I’ll give it a try while waiting for their final version of comodo firewall 3.

Any other firewall is better then Windows built in “firewall”