Suggestions to make a fabulous Firewall!!!

(:NRD) well I liked Comodo firewall but there are still a way of improvements to be add if we look back to previous versions of a “dead” competetor w’ll take some note of what they where good at then we we’ll try to coop up with them
.Of course Comodo is great but it has somethings need to be changed to ensure success well I used to have “tiny personal firewall” and it was my best choice for keeping an eye of my PC but unfortunately the developers of that program suddenly stopped that project for no apparent reason at least for me .ok that firewall has many great features from the very begining
take a look at it

at this panel it offer a tremendous features that keep you greatly informed about what is happening at the moment inside you PC
also has a feature to track back installed apps from the right moment when you click on it
and also offer a boot record this means it starts recording at the very beginning of the boot

well finally I strongly urge you "the develper of the commodo firewall to take a brave decission in developing the nice firewall to the best one ever!!

Whats nice about tiny firewall were
1- mutitab widow that keep tracking of whats happining inside my PC …oh i must have forgot I was really enjoing having a virus in my PC do you know why because i feel really confident with that firewall I know what is the virus is doing at the moment it gives me like this

process action location … i dont remember whats next
sasser write file full path of the copied file

so by know what process write and read or coped from which plase and which info did it write and its extremely easy to track it!
the second tab is for in -out going connection u can close any connection that you want * i also suggest that you do rules technique for connection to prevent or allow any connection

the third tab is for application running at the at the moment and for my amazement it enroll all the trusted apps and Dll under trusted category and also can add trusted apps under that tab.

I really was confident with that firewall to the extant that i used to challenge professional hackerz who were working for investigation and tracking to hack me!!! (:LGH)

somethings i didnt like about comodo it’s all packed up in one window and you have to navigate through captions to get what you want (:SAD) what i really need is that when i hit the connection tab every thing relate to connection should be there and also not a very effective right click
things i like port configuration and stealth port

what i didn’t like about tiny is that as if it’s always on paranoid mood and flood u with massages espicialy when you are infected with a worm virus. also some functions didn’t work properly 4 me.

at the end you can have a copy of the former firewall called “Tiny personal firewall” for demonstration purpose at download website and the this is a link for you convenience

and I hope you really work on it and make some polls about that, i believe that it would be a great improvement for comodo firewall (CLY)

sorry 4 taking to long

would be nice if all the D+ messages u can see if u got display balloons checked should be seen somewhere in the part of the prog, like a listing of all notices u got from D+ saved somewhere to check what happened.

anyway, I like yours ideas about comodo :wink: