Suggestions, logs mostly

  1. The log view(s) should be available by right clicking on the icon in the system tray.

  2. The ‘events’ log shows most recent on top, while the ‘log viewer’ shows most recent events on bottom…

  3. In IP fields it would be great to be able to paste a whole IP.

  4. It would be helpful if the logs had an option to use the logged info for making a new rule.

  5. Interface specific rules, so… if the IP changes, the rule is still good.

Website: There’s a ‘view new replies to posts’ but no ‘view posts’ conveniently placed on the main page.

Logs: I’m wondering if comodo is blocking something, the quickest way to be sure is the logs, but many things are not logged because they of the ‘log this’ checkbox. My suggestion is to enable logging everything, overriding this. A ‘log everything for 1minute’ or 5 or so.

I changed the names of my zones (network interface #1, network interface #1) to more meaningful names, and renamed the adapters as well…

But all the rules still show the old zone names.

This should probably be in Bugs.