Suggestions for next releases

Because CFP 3.0 will not properly allow Windows Update to proceed on Vista even with Defense+ permanently disabled, I had to remove it before the updates would install.

Before unistalling CFP, I saved the configuration (I still had to work around UAC, but I found a quicker way than to disable UAC completely – see below).

After the Vista updates were applied, I reinstalled CFP then reloaded the saved configuration.

So I would like to suggest that the install process, in its last step, ask whether there’s an existing custom configuration and offer to load it before the mandatory reboot. After all, there’s more than one rason to reinstall CFP, for one thing, and the custom configuration could be used for deployment on several machines, for another.

Addendum: how to bypass UAC when exporting/importing the configuration:

  • Right-click on the CFP tray icon, select “exit”
  • Right-click on the CFP shortcut on the desktop, select “run as administrator”
  • Export or import the configuration
  • If you imported the configuration, reboot
  • If you exported the configuration, close the CFP window and right-click on the CFP tray icon, select “exit”, then double-click the CFP shortcut in order to reload the tray icon in user mode, and close the CFP window