Suggestions for Comodo

What I think there needs to be. Under View Firewall Events, there needs to be a way to unblock from the list applications/services that the firewall is catching. 2. I have alerts set to high although it doesn’t always inform me when it is blocking something and it doesn’t always appear in the Firewall Events. The only way I discover that something is blocked is by disabling comodo and I suddenly get pages loading. 3. There needs to be a quick link from the Summary section to view Firewall Events if there is an event occuring, and iit needs to show what actually is being blocked from the summary section 4. things need to be more compact and intuitive. There are 12 sections to the firewall settings. 8 in common tasks and 4 in advanced. I use two of the advanced most commonly: Network security policy and Firewall behavior settings. 3 are used in the common section less commonly. (when it is all over that’s still 7 different sections that could probably be wrapped up into 2) Why isn’t the option to detect new private networks in the Firewall section instead of under the settings of the Miscellaneous? Sometimes I have to search through all 9 to discover the problem I am having. That is a time consuming headache. And then after I am all done, I wonder if I have left my comp too vulnerable.

What does “This computer is an internet connection gateway” actually mean? I disable this knowing my router is the gateway and that I read once a long time ago (maybe under windows 98) that setting your computer as a gateway makes it behave like a virtual server? Yet for some reason by default this setting is checked. So finally 5. there needs to be a little help link or short phrase defining what exactly each (or most) setting does and what is the recommended action to take. Again comodo is not for laymen. Almost everyone I know could not or would not take the time to understand any of this and certainly never would intuitively (ie. it is not common sense).