Suggestions for Comodo CIS to prevent everyone from leaving

Hello All,
As you know I’ve been a long time Comodo lover. :azn:

However, in case you haven’t noticed everyone is leaving!
I’ve been looking into alternatives since people who I’ve installed CIS 5 on their computers are fed up with it throwing things into the cloud without asking and bloating out their computer. It’s slow boot-up time and non-effective A/V scanner has driven many away.

I’ve turned off cloud and updates which resolves most all the upload issues people were having, but that still doesn’t resolve the slowness of the entire product with computers running under 1GB of ram. :cry:

So list of suggestions (others feel free to add their ideas):

  1. Smaller memory footprint and quicker boot time. Do whatever you got to do to get this done, the bootup time is just pathetic compared to older versions.
  2. OPTIONAL Cloud Scanner. Similar to the Comodo DNS opt-in, you could have a Cloud opt-in, that’d resolve the whole “Comodo is sneaking out my data” problem.
  3. Allow more COMMUNITY input. Maybe even open-source CIS. This would mean free bug fixes, less work on devs, and an easy to manage bugzilla bug tracker. You could still have commercial support for the product and everyone would be happy happy happy. Just look at Joomla extensions for examples of commercial open-source production.

Considering I use Linux most of the time I’m not much worried about insecure Windows anymore, so I’m making this topic for those Windows users I still install CIS on. Things clearly need to get back to the roots of Comodo Creating Trust Online. To do this you have to earn trust, and to earn trust you have to work with the users not against them. Seems a few topics on here show mods defending comodo and not listening to users input at all. If you want to stay in the lead this kind of thing has to change. :-\

For those of you that agree feel free to provide input on this and hope Melhi and the team hears us out. :-TU
Please don’t flame this topic! :P0l

And for those of you who don’t agree, feel free to also provide your opinions. :wink: 88)

I don’t think the sky is falling yet. :wink:

We all make mistakes sometimes.

Who is Melhi ?

Everyone is leaving, how do you know this? I do not find this to be the case, in fact it’s more the opposite… more people are chosing CIS due to it being more user friendly than ever.

Cloud issue was only raised with PDF, and it is/has being resolved as they have stated (not to forget Comodo is a trusted company!)

Detection Rates, are better than ever and they have proved this when coming in the top end of results… in fact it’s gonna be even better when DACS comes to CIS (yet another idea thought of comodo first, like sandbox… then other paid providers followed)

I’m sad you feel this way about what Comodo has to offer, but you should now know that when you find you have something that does not suit you (or you are unhappy with) then just discuss it here, with the community/staff/CEO of the company, and hope that it can be debated to see if viable.

Please do not take this as an abrasive reply, just my point which you are entitled to agree with or not… one of the joys of the “freedom-to-express-comodo-forum!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Suggestions for Comodo CIS to prevent everyone from leaving
People come here on there own free will on a regular bases, nobody ever gets forced to do anything.

Let’s take me for example, I have no problem taking the time and effort to help someone. I’m more then happy to point you to the right direction on whatever it is because nobody can answer that but you. I come here to learn stuff, help other people on whatever that may be(not just the easy ones Of course, seeing is believing and pick a category and go from there. If you use a different product, people here won’t be snapping at you and you won’t be looked at any different Here’s a link to prove my point
Even if your using zonealarm, we still more then happy to help. Some of us will even download the program so they can see what your seeing, that what it’s easier to help. I think were a great community. Remember there’s a possible beta coming out, You’ll know damm well you’ll have a very large group of people willing to beta test it. Hell, you can offer then Alpha grade and it probably wouldn’t matter I’m not being forced against my will. The is no gun pointed to my head. This is a community filled with novice user to experts and everything in between. On this forum, nobody cares if your black or white or purple. I have no problem hanging out at the comodo forum. It has it’s up’s and down’s. But that’s like any other place. If you have a problem with something and been working at it for hours with no progress, people come here to figure out as solution. Some people come here, get bored then not come back. It’s no big deal. I don’t get paid to do this. Trust me, nobody is paying me to write anything. Nobody is paying me to say anything either. I like the members here. The coolest bunch on the net


To Gaming4JC.
I haven’t noticed everyone is leaving. I have noticed a few leaving and that will happen from time to time wherever you go. I really don’t think a smaller footprint is required, as on my laptop I have 384mb Ram and CIS runs fine. I am guessing you saying about insecure Windows is an opinion only, IMO Windows is much more secure than it is giving credit. The Mods not listening to users, please post links to the Topics you are concerned about, because I personally have never encountered this myself. My dealings with the Mods has always been nothing but helpful. If you can show otherwise, I am sure anyone in question will explain the situation. Yes we have lost a couple members recently, but I am sure we haved gained more. Kind regards.

I have 384mb Ram and CIS runs fine.
And I thought to myself that 1GB on the PC isn't enough.

People come and go all the time

Do you mean those sky braces I bought online won’t be needed??? :smiley:

No, not necessary, but I say put them up anyway as a beautification effort. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite a few respected members of the malware research group and others are either retiring or leaving. I won’t bother flooding the topic with names, just use google or search using the built-in forum search.

Correction *Melih!/melih_Comodo (My Bad)

I suppose so, but I noticed it start going down hill all the way back when Live Support told me to reformat my computer over a botnet in '07. Thankfully a mod here was able to help me out a lot and even point me in the linux direction.

As far as Comodo not listening to users, many people wanted more compressed A/V upgates and an offline installer for the updates years ago. Never heard back on this?
And just browse the forums, you’ll see moderators (try as they might to be nice) defending a Comodo problem. Whatever happened to the user is always right? Netiquette. :slight_smile:

If you wish I can compile a list of posts, but I do not have the time or inclination to, the real problem at hand isn’t the moderation team so as much as it is the developers listening to the users requests or letting users become more involved in the development process.

Comodo is getting flamed by many as of 2010. Hedgewars (Comodo supposedly causes a crash in the game), MRG (YouTube showing CIS5 not stopping malware), and my own crowd of people whom I’ve had use Comodo from v3 claim it has been less secure than previous releases. I’ve also noticed the older Comodo versions have an exploit of some kind because two computers that are always on have had Comodo disabled when I check back in a month or so. I submitted a few of the crash logs but never got back any input, perhaps a dead email I used. shrug

All I’m saying is, if you want to maintain program stability we need more community effort into it. Enough randomness eyes moderation comments 88) and more seriousness to the cause of defending users from threats. In order to do this you guys need to get more organized and less “drama” go take that to the some teen forum and off the serious sites like Comodo. ;D

To start, how can we contact developers directly? I’ve seen better support from launchpad on Ubuntu. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the cloud thing you can easily turn off in the settings.
The TVL you can´t turn off. People complain about the TVL since version 4 but the COMODO staff ignores them it seeems.

Hey Gaming4JC

I have a question. If “everybody” is leaving then how come there are people replying to your post. It a very tall statement to make but have you ever thought that the problems you spoke about might be revolving around you computer. I went away from CIS once but came back within 6 months and I have never regretted the move back. I haven’t had the slightest problem with my computer and I am not very careful about the sites I visit. All you need to do is ask the questions and there are dev’s and mod’s plus others that are more than happy to help you.

I hope you opinion changes.


Sorry, but this was just too funny.
The user that is always right is currently using the PC that is perfectly secure. :smiley: IMHO, a more valid line is “the user is always right until they are wrong”.

MRG (YouTube showing CIS5 not stopping malware)....

If you look closely, you’ll see that the malware is already on the desktop. How did it get there without D+ or possibly the AV throwing an alert? MRG are a clever bunch of guys, but the existing presence of the malware on the PC casts doubt on the integrity of that particular test.

To start, how can we contact developers directly? I've seen better support from launchpad on Ubuntu. :P

You could always try lodging a support ticket at the official Comodo Support Centre - These are user forums, not the official support centre.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Maybe they were using Comodo Dragon in combination with CIS ans as CIS granted the status of installer or updater to Dragon, you’ll be downloading malware without a single sigh from CIS.


As far as offline updates this might never happen unless more members support.

I asked a member to post Wish for this now I wish I had not bothered him to do this :frowning:

Last time I looked 7 members for 3 members against :frowning:


I’m always right until I say that I’m wrong…then I’m right about my being wrong. ;D

If you’re referring to the same vulnerability I’m thinking of this was fixed in V5.0. At least I haven’t seen anyone reporting infections when running CIS. :wink:
Correct me if I’m wrong.

As with many users I would also like to see the ability to control the TVL. Hopefully this will be implemented in the next version.

I just read the first page of this thread. And for you people with a dinosaur of a computer that only has 1 gig of ram get a new computer even the cheapest computer now has 2 gigs and most even in laptops has 4 gigs. I find that 5.3 even when updating or AV scan doesn’t go beyond 80 megs of ram most of the time it is around 20 to 25 megs of ram. So first get a newer computer or upgrade your ram second check and see what else you are running because it isn’t Comodo 5.3 that is using up your ram.

I hope it like the old v3.14 which I find this better when controlling the TVL, since the new v5.3 really ■■■■■■■ my PC up as hell >:-D