Suggestions (D+ Events window e others)

I think the window Defense + should have a column “Response” with values such as blocked, allowed and changed (for the Comodo options).

How do I know that answer was given by other users of my PC without it?

The window “Computer Security Police” should allow things like sort by name of the application and have a field of search by name for the application.

When you remove an application that window, it should remove the line and not only play the focus on the first line, forcing a move the scroll bar again.

When the amount of programs in the window grows too, the system tends to have strange behavior, including locking. I had to reinstall the CIS today.

The firewall should warn the user about attempts to “port scan” The old Sygate (a good firewall on your time) did it.

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Good suggestions. Hope to see them implemented some day.

A (little?) known fact is that you can search in the rules by pressing Ctrl + F, but it works by full path only.

The slowdown when saving rules is also known. It happens because Comodo writes all the rules to the registry. It takes almost 10 secs on my computer (Q6600 overclocked to 3,0 GHz) to save the rules. And all that time the application that generated the alert is frozen (:AGY) Yeah, I have a lot of custom rules… :a0

Nevertheless :comodorocks:

Other …
There should be a way to download a file to offline update the anti-virus db like Avira allows with the file

Useful for PCs without internet access.


The D + in Comodo should protect against such a command via the network from other computer:

shutdown -s -f -t 00-m \my-pc

But it does not protect. I consider it a weakness of the D +

The reminder window (for out the “installation mode”) should be “always on top”.
I forget it because of its discretion.

No response of Comodo Team?

Giving suggestions is useful here? (:SAD)

But… :ilovecomodo:

:THNK :THNK :THNK :THNK (Waiting for a response…)

It is not considered a security threat. Melih, Comodo’s CEO, commented on it last month in a topic about CIS and Matousec tests. He also said he wouldn’t add such a function to CIS only to be hgiher up in the Matousec test program.

Matousec? I do not care with Matousec!

That case has nothing with Matousec.

I made these tests here in my machine in network.

Someone send a shutdown command for your computer through the network and you do not have time for save your files, is not a security problem? Insanity think so?

It may be a joke for another user on the network? Can. But I think would not be acceptable to lose unsaved data. D+ should rather protect my computer. (:AGY)

That’s an interesting argument you bring up.

Hi Neocoder,

Your case is actually related to network based firewall configuration. It is not considered as what is called shutdown protection. In HIPS applications, 2 parameters are important: Which application is doing something and what it is doing.

In your case, windows will be shutdown by an authorized application rather than malware. You can easily disable this feature in windows. Ofcourse this can ONLY be a case from within a trusted network so that you allowed all the computers to access your computer. We do not consider this to be a threat that could be used by malware to obtain leverage.

And when you think of it, your friend making you a joke over network and your friend coming to your desk and pressing the reset button of your computer are the same things.


Sorry, but I disagree.

What is the application that generates this shutdown?

It is allowed? Maybe. But even in “Paranoid Mode” there is no warning of D+.

The application may be authorized, but the event (shutdown) was not. And worse, without the reaction time to save my data.

The D+ should not give me a full control of my PC?

The “Activities to Monitor: Process Terminations” is just a joke?

Sorry, I disagree with you completely. This is a weakness of Defense+

And even if you can disable it via Windows (How? Who knows?), is not a computer program designed to facilitate the life of the user?


Programs like XP-Antispy are basically an interface for the registry.

I entirely subscribe you!

In case of false positives (FP) with AV, in add the program (FP) to the “Add to My Own Safe Files” the program freezes the whole system for about a minute.

The levels of false positives are still high. Just a simple UPX into an executable.

Windows XP SP3

:ilovecomodo: but … :THNK

Please! Please! Please!

Add a way for offline update for AV like Avira.

“check for updates” has no ability to “resume”.