Suggestions about HIPS notification

The orginal problem solved.

Here is a suggestion

When you manually modify a program’s HIPS rules in settings to “installer or updater” , you would get a warning means " all files installed by this program would be automatic trusted by Comodo". But when you get a block by HIPS, and have the nofication like the picture that did not contained option to trust as “allowed program” (see in attachments), and you choose “installer or updater”, you would not get any warning.

This is a problem since i believe most users in this situation would choose “installer or updater” than other two options if they want to let HIPSt allow all actions of this program, and they do not get any warning, just like me…


Some members in other forums reply that 10 version does not have this problem…

I use RC

Please confirm this problem as soon as possible, because if it is a real BUG, I suggest to delay the delivery.

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