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I tested many FWs and IS in past years.COMODO was the best.But I like some Features that Outpost has.
Can COMODO add this features in future.I hope.Anyone who used Outpost knows that some features of Outpost are Uinque.For example:
-Web Control that contains:
-Ad Blocker
-Scripts and other WEB related Control.
-WEB logger that reports every HTTP url you have seen
-Online Avtivity that shows current URLs launched by applications even if you are behind a Proxy by chnaging the SkipLoopback to false.
-A more detailed Active Connections view with many options like:
-Aplying rules easy just by Right click and change settings in this section
-Option to choose Columns such as: Uptime Duration,etc.
-Attack Detection that reports any kind of low level network attacks.
-Processes View Section that is very complete.

However some features of COMODO are Unique like:
-Firewall and Defense+(HIPS) that can have seperate policy.
-ICMP traffic filtering that Outpost cant do as well as COMODO.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Please read my suggestions topic too and comment with your opinion/suggestions there.
Thank you.

+1 :-TU


+100 :-TU

you should look how many useless notes are made by web loggers, in a single minute.

a firewall is made to reduce needless operations while being connected with a computer to a network or internet. logging of all allowed outgoing connections is useless, but it generates operations, even on the harddrive.
a firewall should give the opposite effect by intention.
you can log all outgoing traffic with comodo, too, “allready”. but i would not do it.

and often things are just added, so the customer has more in the packet at check out :slight_smile:

But I think more Control gives you more Trustworthiness.

you dont have a real add of control with a web log for outgoing. in the case that you maybe see a bad ip adress(?), the transfer has been allready made. so any control would come too late.
if you dont trust your programs to make “good” connections when you allow them to make outgoing requests, a web logger would bring no benefit.

control is something else. something that really controls all un-needed actions to not happen, and to not wasting resources.