This might be alittle off-topic, but I see a great opportunity with this product you are working on. You could make this an IT dream, well atleast a dream for me.

First off this is a great idea to go into the enterprise arena with your product. From what I can see you can install an agent on my active directory for all users. I can install any .msi software to their machines. Which is great because not only is this a firewall and security solution but now it is an software deployment solution.
Two Thumbs up there!!!

Second, seeing how you have an agent running on the pc’s in my case would be laptops. My users are always on the go and I need a good IT management solution. You already have an agent on the machine, so in theory you could give me all info for their machine to give me a complete hardware inventory and software inventory for license control. Asset management…

If you could put these two items together you would definately have me and others out there sold to your new product. (R)

Just a small idea that I thought of. I’m sure I will have more as I am testing out your software. Thanks for a great product…