Just wanted to first say thank you. The activation of Comodo Fireall on x64 Vista is now fixed as of the 3.0.24 version from the 24th. It’s the first version since 3.0.14 that activates properly when installed.

I have a suggestion. I used to use Zone Alarm. I quit using it since I found out Checkpoint spies for the Pentagon. I like Comodo now much better anyways. But I really like one function ZA had in their Security Suite. A function to prevent specific data from being sucked out of the computer and into cyberspace. For example if I put a specific name or a password or a number, then Zone Alarm Suite would block it from leaving the machine. It was somehow able to scan everything leaving the computer and block the specific data you wanted it to, and let everything else through, without slowing down the internet speed. It’s sick how many sites I found by using that feature that try to take data off computers that’s none of their business. Is it possible you could keep this function in mind over the next year and see if it’s possible to eventually fit into Comodo? To me, Comodo is already the best firewall out there, and it seems like you guys are super nice and deserve to make this the most popular firewall ever. There is something special about this company. This one extra feature added would ■■■■ away the competition. Thank you kindly. LSB. (L)

Oh I almost forgot… it is possible that you could allow to use the malware scanner for specific files, and not just a general scan? Thanks agin.

Hi lakeshorebaby & I welcome you to our Forums!

I will answer this Q for you. The Malware Scanner is CURRENTLY only a basic Scanner, of the up and coming CAVS 3. (Comodo Antivirus/Spyware version 3). The Malware scanner is for CFP 3 is still being worked on, new features, etc will be added.

CAVS 3 Beta is likely to be at the end of June. As well as COMODO Internet Security.


So you don’t want your personal information to go on the internet? Passwords, Names etc?
I Find this kinda silly in my view since only certain types of malware try to steal your informatiom. Just block them from even running on your computer with D+

Thanks 3xist. I look forward to it.

Thank you too Kyle for posting my information for everyone to see. I don’t know how you did that, but that was very kind of you. :cry:

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Thanks guys. Just as an experiment, next time you have a free machine, get a copy of ZA Suite, load it up, and in the identity protection part, put only your machine name (as you have chosen for Vista, say). Then surf around and see how many sites won’t load. Then turn off the identity protection so that the machine name can leave over the net and bingo the site will load. It’s not tonnes and tonnes of sites that do this, but there were quite a few, and they were popular sites. I think Boing Boing was one. There shouldn’t be any getting that kind of info. And there are always cookies and stuff leaving our machines simply for normal browsing. And every hardware in our machines has a unique ID number. And every profile in any Windows ID has a unique ID even if our IP changes over time. There is more private stuff leaving our machines simply from browsing that we think. This is why I would like to see the identity protection in some Comodo product at some level. I just don’t like the idea of names and numbers leaving my machine without my permission.

There are other alternatives to identity theft other then ZA. Common sense for one. Never visit sites you do not know about. I use Sandboxie when I visit the Dark side of the net and have it set up so no other programs can get in or out of the Sandbox. Works great and its free.