Suggestion - "Who is IP"

If not asking too much, but would be nice in future versions when we see the outgoing connections, it shows an IP address, would be nice to know who owns that IP, if we have a trojan, Worm, Virus, Spyware, etc…


Only in that situation I’ll think.
Whois for each connection will use bandwidth and resources unnecessary, don’t you think?

It would also probably be redundant with some utilities who already tell you to what ip you are connecting to, whether it is redirected, and are able to run whois requests, the fact that comodo intercepts these ip or not being in that situation not relevant.

But, true enough, it has only in my opinion testing purposes, as it not only is ressources hungry but also very annoying.

Maybe blocking from your browser url redirection and scripts would be enough in most situations?

You can use Firefox with NoScript and RequestPolicy (although my browsing/downloading experience makes the use of RP very uncomfortable).

What about IP lookup for those requested addresses … What I mean is DONT DO IT FOR EVERY address. …just specific ones the user requests (say a repeated address that keeps appearing over and over … ) ?

I know its easy to do with a web browser, but just right clicking an address and the log and having that either show whois info … or lauch your default web browser (whatever it is) and it will connect to the results page of some of these whois site’s (as if you went there and typed in iP yourself, i mean)

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