Suggestion to make automatic sandboxing smoother (getting programs to run)

I haven’t had any problems getting programs to run with the sandbox, but that is because I know enough to add the .exe’s to My Own Safe Files in Defense+. This can, however, be a multi-step process if more than 1 executable is used in an application. My suggestion then, would be that whenever Defense+ is put into Training Mode, any unknown files (that would normally be automatically run in the sandbox) should automatically included in My Own Safe Files. The whole idea of training mode is that the firewall/D+ learns what you want to allow without having to manually add the rules yourself, so that should include what you want to have run without being sandboxed. This one addition would solve every minor delay I’ve had in getting 4.0 back to where I had 3.14, with keeping the sandbox enabled. Enter training mode…start program to learn all new rules including DON’T SANDBOX THIS FILE behavior…close program and go back to Safe Mode.
I hope that makes sense to you…it makes perfect sense, and seems an obvious fix, to me.