Suggestion to Improve Comodo Website

Hi garry,

I was thinking of coming up with a thread where we users can comment on the Comodo website, and include suggestions to improve it.

Allow me to start the ball rolling. When I first came across Comodo, I was sceptical as to why Comodo is giving out free products. Therefore I came to the link Free Firewall | PC Security with Free Secure Email and Secure Backup. In that page, there is a link at the end that says:

And this is our CEO’s explanation as to why its free!,764.0.html

I think providing the link to Comodo forum where Melih’s (IMHO, rather informal) explanation resides is not a very good way of explaning why Comodo is giving out products free. I would suggest that you include 2 links, one to the forum and one to a more formal page on the website. The more formal page should contain a formally written explanation from Melih. I think that way, users are more convinced to use Comodo.

Yours truly,