Suggestion:Please develop End Point Security Software


The Internet is not the only potential source of data loss. Lots of actual data theft can and does occur from people who have the nerve to physically steal your data right out of your machine; just by down-loading it.

I have a very small potatoes retail business. I can’t afford expensive computers and software. I have to have staff due to the nature of the business. I don’t want the clerks able to copy data off the machine; but I do want to be able to access my data when I am using the shop computer.

I (and probably heaps of other people) would like a reliable, secure, reasonably priced, easy to use program that would block unauthorized users from using various devices (eg USB, Bluetooth adaptors, PDAs, Smart Phones, CDs/DVDs, floppies, flash drives etc) to copy data; but allow authorized users to access the devices; or allow specified devices to be accessible to certain people (eg allow access to barcode scanner and receipt printers, but not access to a regular printer or scanner.

It would need to work whether you were connected to the Internet or not.

There is software out there, but its expensive and/or very complicated (albeit Comodo Firewall seems very complicated to me) eg Device Lock which is great, but I can’t get it to work properly. In addition, it would be useful to deal with one security system.

If you do decide to develop such software, please sign me up as a beta tester. I’ll certainly discover what real computer neophystes like myself (likely representing a lot of home and retail users) would find difficult to comprehend.

Thank you.


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