Suggestion: Packet viewer

Make an option to open a small window and see 128 KB(configurable) of the actual data that is being sent/received with optional buffer saving, this is of course not very needed/useful but in some cases would be very desirable.

Best Regards.

Wouldn’t this be something more useful to a network analyzer?

I guess but sometimes you’d like to see what is being transmitted, just as raw ASCII characters within the packets, just to have an idea, I mean this could be like a magnifying glass over the network connection, just to watch it over. nothing sofisticated only what I mentioned. This would add usefulness to CIS as a security measure not as a analyzing tool.

Use Wireshark as it will give this information.

Fair enough, thanks, but anyway I think this would be a cool addition to CIS and don’t think hard to implement.

Maybe COMODO could add Wireshark’s code to CIS since both are freeware.