[Suggestion:] Open ID


I’m using Comodo Firewall, Backup and probably, soon enough, Comdo Antivirus. They are not perfect, but, since I’ve tried several others, certainly beat competition in key aspects.

That’s why I’m here today. I run a check on OpenID and found that I cannot get an OpenID from Comodo. But I get one from Verisign… This makes me very sad… (:SAD) (:SAD)

Comodo should take the lead. With its free certificate this could be a good bet, as both technologies are, I think, compatible.

Well. Looks like this time I’ll be going for the competition.
Hope to come back soon.


Maybe there are people out there which don’t know what I’m talking about! (:NRD)

check it here: OpenID - Wikipedia

OPenId is a way to get only one login for all your forum, sites, webmails, etc… No more different passwords (or password multi-sharing), or sharing your data without your knowledge.

It is an Open Source project, and is getting attention from major software companies (Yahoo, Verisign, Microsoft, etc.).

The future was coming. Now it has arrived. (:KWL)